Selected screenshots from the history of

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Municipal Publication 1998

Information in municipal publication about Watchwords floppy disk 1999:

1998-12-05 Disk Offering

Floppy disk label 2004 (original size):

2003-12-09 Disk Label

Information flyer for distributing Watchwords programs in Taiwan (autumn 2001):

2001-11-29 Distribution

Start Page 2006

The start page in January 2006 (old layout) with links to 20 languages:

2006-01-28 Start Page

Draft New Layout 2005

First draft of the new layout in November 2005 (not published),

2005-11-25 Draft

Further draft of the new layout in August 2006 (not published):

2006-08-11 Draft

New Layout 2007

In February 2007, appeared in a new layout. The language of the pages was automatically drawn from the browser settings of the visitor, so the language selection at the left margin was no more necessary.

The start screen in November 2007 (new layout of February 2007):


You could still select the language of the Watchwords texts displayed (at the right margin):

2007-12-28 Start Page
2007-12-28 Download Page

For a start page of your browser, you could use the Daily Watchword without menu:

2007-12-28 Today

The synopsis showed the Daily Watchword in all available languages (as of end of 2007: 18 languages):

2007-12-28 Synopsis
2007-12-28 Synopsis 2

The preparation of the Watchwords texts for the various languages was managed in the internal area:

2007-12-28 Text Preparation