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What is it: Watchword / Losung?

The Watchwords of the Moravian Church (Herrnhuter Brüdergemeine http://www.ebu.de, Moravian Church in North America http://www.moravian.org/) are wide-spread as a booklet, especially in Germany. For each day they contain a Bible saying from the Old Testament drawn by lot and a manually selected matching Bible saying from the New Testament.

What was “Freeware Watchword Programs”?

Starting 1988, a growing team of engaged Christian individuals from all over the world provided the Watchwords in software, free of charge. The “Freeware Watchword Programs” were available for Windows and other systems, PDAs and for publication in a homepage, in finally ca. 20 languages. Already in the end of the 1990’s losung.de was the homepage of the free software.

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How did it end?

In 2008, the team of losung.de could not continue to publish the losung on the internet. We were told that we needed separate permission from the publisher of the printed booklet in each language. The publisher of the English booklet, for instance, would not give us this permission. So there were no English Watchwords for use in your homepage any more.

What next?

Some members of the Freeware Watchwords team started the new Project Bible 2.0. There you find associated Bible verses for each day in English and more than 10 other languages, for various systems and for use in your homepage.

To see all this makes me grateful to God – for the privilege to pass His Word, and for all the encouraging contacts with users of that service losung.de.

Helmut Steeb, 2007-12-28, 2014-01-03, 2016-03-10