Drupal 8 User Guide – in Short as a Mindmap

Drupal 8 User Guide – in Short as a Mindmap

The Drupal 8 User Guide was “written mainly for people with minimal knowledge of the Drupal content management system”. It contains individual chapters in good order for learning, with many examples and cross-references.

Here’s a 4 page extract formatted as a mindmap.

Download PDF from Mindmap

What does it look like?

Screenshot of a part of the mindmap from the Drupal 8 User Guide

What’s the use of it?

Use the extract…

  • as an extended table of contents,
  • as a quick overview of the Drupal concepts,
  • as a reference to the administration interface.

Can I get the sources?

Yes! I created the mindmap with FreeMind. To create a PDF with 4 pages, I split the mindmap into 4 part mindmaps, created a PDF file from each part and combined them into one PDF with Master PDF Editor 3. The ZIP file contains the 5 mindmaps:

Download Sources


The extract is based on Drupal-8.x-2.0–guide-en.pdf of 2016-09-09, copyright 2015-2016 by the original contributors, license CC BY-SA 2.0.

The extract is copyright Helmut Steeb jsteeb.de, license CC BY-SA 2.0.